November 2012

SFC Update

Zach Rosen

The SFC stocking project is in full swing! Thanks to everyone for your incredible generosity!! If your advisory group has volunteered to donate stockings, please begin to collect supplies, as SFC will collect and deliver the stockings to the children soon! We also are collecting monetary donations to purchase supermarket gift cards for Urban Promise families. If you are interested in donating, please contact a SFC rep.

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Jefferson Awards: Sept and Oct

Chris Morrow

September’s Jefferson Award winner, Nick Giroux-Doehring, has volunteered for a total of 560 hours at Camp Pathfinder, a summer camp that helps boys develop independence, character, values, abilities, and friendships for life. He went through a special training program with a focus on professional level youth leadership in a wilderness setting. As one of a dozen annual volunteers, he participated actively in camp counseling and supervision of campers, as well as serving as a junior guide during wilderness canoe trips. He served as a great leader whose friendship was valued by many campers. Congratulations to September’s Jefferson Award Winner, Nick Giroux-Doehring.

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Culture Club: Japan

Kai Inguito
On Friday, November 16th, Culture Club experienced and learned about Japanese life. The Club leaders, Sophie Xu and Kai Inguito, talked about the do’s and dont’s when visiting Japan.

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Kalee Kennedy

Since October, members of the musical theatre group Cabaret have worked together during rehearsals to learn songs, dances, and monologues in preparation for the show “Cabaret ‘12”, which took place November 2nd and 4thin the 1919 auditorium. Choreographed by Rachel Marlowe, the show was a collection of short monologues written by each of the girls, along with larger group song and dance numbers including “Cell Block Tango” from Chicagoand “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. Mrs. Tjersland directed the show and Mrs. Martin worked as the chorus instructor.

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Anatomy Class Goes to 2nd Grade


Chris Morrow

Senior Human Anatomy students were assigned a project that required them to write a children’s story based on an organ system that they would present to the second grade.  The stories were to be informative and creative– illustrated and written on a second grade level.  Each senior student read his story to the second graders and answered questions about the books. Will Mette’s “Hammy the Hamburger” based on the digestive system, Kelsey Gwynne’s “Oliver the Liver”, and Kendal Robino’s “Sally the Stomach” were big hits. Other titles included “Stephen the Skeleton”, “Gully the Gall Bladder”, “Brian the Brain”, “Your Heart” and “The Lungs”. The second graders were a great audience and genuinely complimented the seniors on their stories.  The books will be laminated and donated to the classrooms for the second grade to read.

Sammy the Stomach

Will Mette shares

Will Mette reads

Stephen the Skeleton

Mock Election Results

Leslie Sysko
The Upper School community at Tower Hill voted in a “Mock Presidential Election” during its Advisory meeting time on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Faculty advisors were given ballots upon which they and their advisees, usually 8 students, could cast their votes. The votes were counted as both popular votes and electoral college votes; the electoral college was devised by Arturo Bagley, Upper School History teacher, to proportionally represent the states’ actual number of electoral votes. For example, Mrs. Sysko’s advisory was comprised of 5 Texas and 5 Tennessee electoral votes. This unbiased division among Advisory groups renders the customary electoral map a bit unique–the red and blue states aren’t where they might typically be–, but that only augments the educational value of the Mock Election. 

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