Alexandria Churchwell

Liberty in North Korea speaks at assembly

During October 11th’s assembly for the Upper School, a “nomad” from LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, addressed our community about the conflict in North Korea. LiNK is an organization with a mission to: redefine North Korea by focusing on the people, while rescuing and providing resettlement support to North Korean refugees, and pursuing an end to the North Korea crisis. In the news, we are often confronted with the North Korean government’s military or political strategy. Rarely are we notified about what the North Korean people’s travails.

The people of North Korea are suffering. Governed under a dictatorship, North Korea’s citizens are denied basic human rights and are allowed no freedoms: speech, religion, movement, and many more. LiNK’s goal is to free North Koreans who wish to escape this crisis and build a healthy, happy life elsewhere. It was suggested in the presentation that digital technology has been used among North Korean people to create black market channels for outlawed goods and encourage grass roots subversive communication.


Right now LiNK is on its new tour called The People’s Tour hoping to increase public awareness of the brutalities and indecencies facing the North Korean population. The LiNK “nomads”, or the organization’s traveling orators, usually show their new documentary, The People’s Crisis, during their presentation; however, because of time constraints here at Tower Hill, this full speech was not given. Nevertheless, the Diversity Club will be screening the film next week after school for anyone who’d like to come and see it (further information about the screening date and time TBA).


The Diversity Club aspires to educate and inspire Tower Hill’s community; LiNK hopes that Upper School students, especially, will help spread the word of LiNK’s important work. Thanks to everyone who attended!