Megan Cover

Take a chance at solving the advisory tie breaker.

How well do you know your teachers? Here is a list of possible answers; match them to the thing they say!

Mr. Atkins, Mr. Baetjer, Sra. Caimi, Dr. Hickey, Mr. Bagley, Mr. Waesco, Mike Phillips, Mrs. Sysko, Mr. Robinson, Dr. Clifford, Mr. Hambleton, Ms. Malloy, Mrs. Cover, Mrs. Potter, Ms. Pepper, Mr. Henkel, Ms. Lincoln, Mrs. Reynolds, Srta. Showalter, Ms. Kummer, Dr. Wasson

  1.  “Good luck, may the force be with you, the wind at your back and your guardian angel at your side.”
  2. When a student or faculty member asks, “How are you today?”, this person’s answer is, “Not as good as you”.
  3.  “No Worries.”
  4. “Be gone before someone drops a house on you and steals your ruby slippers.”
  5.  “My pumpkins” or “my chimichangas”.
  6.  Who uses the word, “innately” a lot?
  7.  “Don’t make me shoot the bunny.”
  8.  “Get It Right, Get It Tight.”
  9.  “Okay, peeps.”
  10. “You need more opposing evidence.”
  11. “Every day’s a holiday.”
  12. “Absolutely!”
  13.  “Quiet please!”
  14. “Semblable.”
  15.  “You need to ask yourselves, ‘What did you do to deserve me?’”