The Rubble Staff

SFC Club List

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Animal Awareness Club Agnes Werbe, Alicia duPont

Baking Club Jamie Tigani, Lizzy duPont

Beats and Poetry Mark Christie, Anthony Wallace

Blue-Gold- Jenna Chodos, Katherine Ianni, Sophie McCoy

Books for Children- Shoumick Hasan and Sean Sullivan

Chess Club- Sean Sullivan

Community Service Club- Rachel League and William Spruance

Culture Club- Sophie Xue and Kai Inguito

Debate Club- Fatima Anwar

Diversity Club- Alexandria Churchwell, Jody Gregory, Rodney Orr

Forum Council- Shoumick Hasan

Functional fitness- William Spruance, Sam Murphy, Grier Wakefield

Green Keys- Jenna Chodos

Jefferson Awards- Evan Mitchell

Lit Page- Taylor Reese and Vanna Ramirez

Math League- Sean Sullivan

Mock Trial- Jody Gregory

Physics Club- Derek Dubner, Thomas Schorn, Sean Sullivan

Public Speaking Club- Aaron Greenbaum

The Rubble- Jody Gregory

Student Union Club- Evan Mitchell and Zach Rosen

The Sportsman’s Club- Grier Wakefield

THS Event Photography- Andrew Minkovitz

Winter Skiing Club- Sam Barrett and Ben Crain

Young Democrats Club- Shoumick Hasan and Zach Nitsche

Young Republicans Club- Evan Frazier

The Yearbook Club- Agnes Werbe and Jody Gregory