October 2012


Bradley Wolak
2.5 hours after the curtain call on Sunday…

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Alumna Queries Obama

Chris Wheeler
Alumna queries Obama
Logan Weaver ’10 chosen to ask President Obama a question
Logan Weaver ’10 was selected to be one of the students asking the President a question from Riggs Library at Georgetown University tonight at 5:00 pm on MTV. I thought you might like to watch.

Blue-Gold! Nov 16th


Madi Schopfer

On Friday, November 16th, Tower Hill’s Blue-Gold Club and Diversity Club will be hosting their annual International Dinner and Blue-Gold Fashion and Talent Show. The dinner begins at 6 p.m., followed by the show at 7 p.m., with proceeds benefitting the DFRC (Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens with Intellectual disABILITIES) and the Diversity Club.

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Let the Kids Play

Gracie Firestone ’11

As many of you know, I started Let the Kids Play going into my junior year at THS to provide underprivileged youth with new-to-lightly-used athletic equipment. With your help, LTKP has donated equipment and funded the athletic programs of Nativity Preparatory School in Wilmington, DE, and Flying Kites Global, an orphanage 90 minutes outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Our local community has raised over $5,000 for LTKP over the years. In 2011, when I collapsed two days post-graduation, my community and I were anxious to learn what I’d be capable of doing, physically and mentally. In early August, family and friends advised me not to go to college at the end of the month and doctors said that playing soccer was out of the question. LTKP had been placed last on the list of things to think about. Three weeks later, I went to college, remained in the honors program, played soccer, and managed to keep LTKP constantly in my thoughts. Then, I didn’t know what my next step should be after such an incident. Now I know, but I need your help.

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Color Day

Leslie Sysko

Color Day Photos

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A Guide To Parking

Cara Wolak and Jody Gregory
A Guide to Parking
Can anyone else relate?

Guide to Parking

LiNK Visit and Plea

Alexandria Churchwell

Liberty in North Korea speaks at assembly

During October 11th’s assembly for the Upper School, a “nomad” from LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, addressed our community about the conflict in North Korea. LiNK is an organization with a mission to: redefine North Korea by focusing on the people, while rescuing and providing resettlement support to North Korean refugees, and pursuing an end to the North Korea crisis. In the news, we are often confronted with the North Korean government’s military or political strategy. Rarely are we notified about what the North Korean people’s travails.

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First Blood

Jody Lanza-Gregory
First Blood
DRACULA draws near!
Get your tickets now for the Upper School dramatic production, DRACULA: 10/27 @ 7:30pm and 10/28 @ 2pm.

In the Microscope . . .

Bradley Pedano & Kai Inguito
In the microscope
General Bio class at work

Can anyone guess what organism is shown in the microscope here?

NOT microscopic, but very yeasty…

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