Iowa and the Future of Election Technology

Kirit Minhas ’20 and Isabel Shepherd ’20

The Iowa Caucus, the first presidential primary in the nation, was a wild ride this year. Continue reading “Iowa and the Future of Election Technology”

MLK Day Celebration

Isabel Shepherd ’20

 This year, Tower Hill’s Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day celebration included both the annual Day of Service and a half-day including speakers and service. The celebration began on Friday, January 17th with a multimedia retrospective on Dr. King’s life and the Civil Rights Movement. The presentation wove together information about the Civil Rights Movement, images from the time period, and musical performances, including songs like Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Continue reading “MLK Day Celebration”

So, La, Tea, Do: A Rundown of the Choral Festival

Heidi Winters, ’20

Every year in January, the independent schools of Delaware join forces and sing “Kumbaya” at the direction of the choral teachers. A few years ago, Tower’s very own Mrs. Martin started this tradition, and ever since, the festival has been a source of musical excellence for Delawareans. Every year the students travel to one of the schools participating, and spend the school day reading music and training their voices. 

This year, Tower Hill hosted Wilmington Friends and Sanford. The choir was conducted by a faculty member of the University of Delaware. Students from Tower Hill give their impressions of him:

“He helped our choir put on a great concert and made the learning process fun.” – Abigail Pierce

“I thought he was cool and a lot better than the one who made us emphasize all the ending consonants. That conductor was great too, but I liked this one as he handled the subject matter with more appropriate style.“ – Anonymous 

“He was very engaging in the way that he taught us. He really worked to connect with the students in order to produce more musical music. He understood that people had to connect to the music and each other in order to sing with emotion and musicality. It was a great learning experience.” – Sarah Greenberg

The students of Tower Hill, Sanford, and Friends were not allowed to use their devices in keeping with school policy, and rehearsal went on for about 6 hours. One student remarks, “I kinda wanted to get some homework done but didn’t have any time.” The choir students were so busy that there would’ve hardly been any time for lollygagging. 

The chorus students rehearsed several songs that were performed later that evening at the concert. For lunch, pizza was served with sides of decadent apples and chips in the Founder’s Gallery. Each and every student remarked at how scrumptious the meal was. 

Luckily enough for the choir students, about half of the theatre was filled. The image of faces under the lights, swaying to Germanic folk songs, will be immortalized on the school website. 

The only thing missing was Tatnall. Dear, old Tatnall. Unfortunately, last year, some of the students of Tatnall were quite “unprepared and rude.” My sources can neither confirm nor deny if their behavior was the reason for them not being invited back. However, it can be confirmed that the students of Tower Hill are very capable of holding their own on a stage. 

Mrs. Martin always expects that the choir is well-prepared and ready to work. As hosts, Tower Hill did a great job of welcoming their fellow Delawareans and maintaining a harmonious environment. 


The 2020 Winterim

Katie Saunders ’23

As the 2019 semester came to a close, students all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Winterim and a brief vacation from academic classes had arrived. During Winterim, all high school students enjoyed a variety of lessons ranging from community service to crafts. Continue reading “The 2020 Winterim”

Global Climate Crisis

Leyna Bidic ’23

Throughout the world, the global climate crisis has continued to arise as an incredibly problematic conflict, and without a resolution in the near future, the world will remain in its constant state of gravely dangerous conditions. Continue reading “Global Climate Crisis”

Celebrity Activism in Criminal Justice

Kirit Minhas ’20

Criminal justice is a pervasive topic that exists not only in today’s political climate, but has become a large movement in popular culture. The controversy surrounding mass incarceration has become a confusing mix of myths, fake news, and various forms of injustice and bias. Continue reading “Celebrity Activism in Criminal Justice”

Personal Perspectives on Justice and Incarceration in America: Forum Review

Isabel Shepherd ’20

The first forum of the year, featuring Jason Flom and Noura Jackson, was a resounding success. Flom began with an entertaining, if a bit unorthodox, introduction detailing his experience in the music industry as CEO of Lava Media and his path to the Innocence Project. Flom shared anecdotes about his father, Kid Rock, and many others, before introducing his fellow speaker, Noura Jackson. Continue reading “Personal Perspectives on Justice and Incarceration in America: Forum Review”

The Dreamers

Rachael Morrison ’22

On November 12, 2019, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the Trump administration’s decision to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA is an immigration policy established during Obama’s presidency where select people, commonly known as Dreamers, who came to the United States under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012 and over the age of 15 can apply for deferred removal action for two years. Continue reading “The Dreamers”

Review: Murderous Minds

Sophia Halmagyi ’23

“Having a murderous mind is not always the same thing as being a murderer or even having the intention of killing,” Dean A. Haycock said in his novel, Murderous Minds: Exploring the Psychopathic Brain: Neurological Imaging and the Manifestation of Evil, an astonishing read for human beings intrigued by the psychotic mind of a criminal. The novel, Murderous Minds: Exploring the Psychopathic Brain: Neurological Imaging and the Manifestation of Evils, introduces the mind and brain of a criminal psychopath versus a psychopath. Continue reading “Review: Murderous Minds”

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